Thea Lemon and her Super Sweet Fairy Godmother

Thea Lemon and her Super Sweet Fairy Godmother

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SYNOPSIS: Thea Lemon and her Super Sweet Fairy Godmother is a magical tale about a young girl from Bristol, England. In this first in the series; Thea is visited by her, Super Sweet Fairy Godmother, whisking her away to the magical, Chocolate World! Thea lives with her Mum and Dad in a large city called Bristol in England. Her parents own the Lemon Drop Café on Church Road in St. George. The café gets so busy that every weekend Thea is sent to stay with her terrible Great Aunt Fellulla, who Thea secretly calls ‘Craggy Bottom’. Great Aunt Fellulla has curly blue hair, wonky round spectacles and yellow teeth. She wears brown dresses and dirty black boots. She is known by the people in her village as the kind of person who never smiles, doesn’t like Christmas and is always complaining about something.

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Fantastic, beautiful, funny story by Mark Lemon. We have all 3 of his books and my daughters 7 and 4yrs, plus my 3 year old nephew loves listening to them. A must have for every child. (By Samantha Jane)