The Magical Wood (Audiobook) FREE

The Magical Wood (Audiobook) FREE

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The Magical Wood audiobook is now FREE to download during lockdown.

Mark Lemon has teamed up with talented producer, Ross Teal, to create this beautiful audiobook of the award-winning, The Magical Wood.

This is a story about loss, friendship and hope. The Magical Wood, is set in a beautiful wood with a river wandering through. One cold and stormy day, the wind blew a terrible gale. The next day the tree family woke to find that Strongest Tree had fallen to the woodland floor and had sadly died. How would the tree family survive the seasons without the strength of Strongest Tree? 

‘What a special book this is. To have something with such an important message that will help children to make sense of their grief is invaluable. I am sure this story will both open up the conversation and offer comfort to children affected by bereavement. Truly a lovely story.’ Sarah Turner, The Unmumsy Mum
'The Magical Wood is a truly remarkable book. It interprets death and bereavement for a child at a time when their world is terrifying and confusing. Bereavement can be deafeningly silent and incredibly lonely. Mark’s calm, gentle, yet powerful words will help open up their world, to one of hope and support. Give them a voice when they struggling to find one.
This book should be on every shelf where children are.’ Caroline and Will Greenwood MBE
'This magical story sensitively offers children and families an opportunity to share the journey of its characters finding their way through their grief. With its imagery and language exploring the themes of bereavement; this story offers children and families time and a safety within which to talk about death, loss, and emotions.’ Laura Scott, Senior Practitioner Winston’s Wish
‘The Magical Wood gently carries children on a journey through the long, dark and twisting tunnel of bereavement to show them there's a light at the end. Anyone that has known grief will find solace in knowing that Mark’s words are there to offer comfort and guidance at a time children need it most.’ Simon Hooper, Father of Daughters