Reminiscing back to Christmas 1991.

It was Xmas eve,

Stockings laid out,

A whiskey and mince pie for one.

Christmas morning arrived,

It was 1992,

But there was one person missing,

Dad, it was you.

The year that you passed,

Christmas lost its cheer.

Ever since that year,

I would shed a tear.

The loss,

The heartache,

The feeling of pain.

The knowing,

That I would never see your face again.

When you lose a loved one that magic of

Christmas fades.

A space that will never be replaced,

It hurts most in the December days.

Fast forward to Christmas 2011.

The hole in my heart had been replaced,

New life had been given.

I now had a son, a child of my own.

The magic of Christmas had slowly returned.

With each gift given,

With each card received.

My children had given me the gift to believe.

The magic of Christmas,

The magic of love.

I believed again,

I had a family of my own.


You will forever be with me on Christmas day.

The crumbs from the Xmas eve mince pie,

Will never fade.

So, if you’ve lost a loved one at Christmas,

Close your eyes and remember,

The special days,

That you spent together.

Once all the presents,

Cards and foods are gone.

Christmas is done.

So hold tight your LOVED ones. 


Please help us to share these words with those experiencing loss this Christmas. x

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